About Yoshida

Working to deepen your trust and earn your patronage as we approach our 100th anniversary


In 1920, we opened our first store along Tokyo’s Koshu Kaido in Hatagaya, Shibuya. Thanks to our loyal clientele, we are now looking forward to commemorating our 100th anniversary in 2020.
With the words “Always be sincere with our customers” engraved on our hearts, we have managed to retain the patronage of our many devoted customers throughout our history.

At YOSHIDA, we continue to evolve with the goal of earning greater trust and increasing customer satisfaction. To that end, we recently renovated our store in order to cater to our customers with a more comfortable and welcoming space.
For example, our new “Garden salon” overlooking a serene Japanese garden features harmonious ebony furniture. As a luxury offering not seen at any other watch retailer, this exceptional space reflects the passion of our owner.

Moreover, in November 2015 we opened the Yoshida Matsusaka Beef restaurant as a guesthouse for Yoshida customers seeking an unequalled first-class dining experience. We can offer the ultimate in dining thanks to our years of experience handling the world’s finest watches and extending a level of hospitality that knows no equal.

Founded in 1920 YOSHIDA is the only authorized boutique in Japan where the world’s elite brands of watches and high jewelry are collected in one place.

As an authorized boutique, YOSHIDA prides itself in having the best domestic sales of world-renowned wristwatch brands such as PATEK PHILIPPE, AUDEMARS PIGUET and HUBLOT. YOSHIDA is a venerable watch retailer that receives the patronage of not only domestic customers from as far away as Hokkaido and Okinawa, but is also visited by many customers from abroad.

We are known as an unassuming high class boutique, so you will find the liberating feel of our store free from any kind of tense atmosphere.

Our achievements over the years speak to our credibility.

Since their inception in 1839, PATEK PHILIPPE has handled their entire goods production, from their creation to their completion, within their own company and boasts to be the highest standard in manufacturing.
We are proud to have over 30 years of history as an authorized dealer for PATEK PHILIPPE. Just like PATEK PHILIPPE’s rare timepieces that we have inherited from generation to generation, we aim for a similar long-term association with our customers.
The rare and highly valuable PATEK PHILIPPE timepieces follow thorough and rigid quality control measures. Due to the limited number of their manufactured goods, it is difficult to obtain large numbers of their inventory. From our accomplishments over many years as an authorized dealer, we have amassed a plentiful stock of their items including complex watches, men’s and ladies’ inventory.
Also, our staff are always available and on duty. They have been trained at PATEK PHILLIPE’s head office and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to better assist you with your questions and concerns.

The top dealer for reputable watch brands

We boast the top turnover in Japan for men’s and ladies’ sales of the following brands: AUDEMARS PIGUET, a family-run manufacturer since 1875 from Le Brassus in the Vallée de Joux of Switzerland that focuses on the development and manufacturing of complications; HUBLOT, a company that combines traditional Swiss watchmaking with unique materials for a concept they call “fusion”, and carries that concept to show off their 21st century watchmaking art; and American luxury brand HARRY WINSTON, which boasts extreme sophistication in its innovative technology. 


In the Japanese market, we offer such names as Grand Seiko, a prominent brand that inherits the traditional Seiko style but also pursues the true essence of watches and continues to evolve (we were awarded recognition as the top dealer for Master Shop for three consecutive years beginning in 2013).

We also have an assortment of distinguished jewelry brands

  • We are an authorized specialty store for not only watch brands, but also the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world. We offer the Chopard brand which is popular for its characteristic diamond design. We also offer the top Italian jewelry brand DAMIANI as well as BOUCHERON and CHAUMET, members of the Grand Cinq (the top five jewelers in Paris), with YOSHIDA being the sole authorized agent as a specialty shop in Tokyo to handle their products.

  • Chopard
  • YOSHIDA is the only authorized specialty shop in Japan where these world-renowned elite watch and jewelry brands are collected in one place.

Find your match by surpassing the confines of a single brand

YOSHIDA differs from department stores or boutiques in that we do not restrict our customers to view merchandise one brand at a time. By comparing many of them at the same time you are sure to surpass the confines of a single brand and come across the item you are searching for.

A signature aspect of YOSHIDA is allowing even first-time guests to not only view the items in their display cases, but to also sit at the table and freely try on the merchandise. You are able to actually see them, feel them and put them on. Take the time to carefully choose your item by experiencing each brand’s individual charm on your own skin. We look forward to providing you this environment, free of pressure, and to aid you in your quest for the ideal product.

Our garden salon that overlooks a Japanese garden

Our garden salon that overlooks a Japanese garden

In order to provide a relaxing space for our many guests, we completed our garden salon (annex building) that overlooks a Japanese garden during the store’s renovation.

The building is uniformly decorated with Baccarat chandeliers and ebony furniture, offering you a wide open space in which to relax and carefully choose your items.

This garden, named “Kantai no Ryokuen”, is a favorite of our owner as it extends outside the window, filling you with a sense of release.
It treats you to a silent atmosphere that allows you to forget the noise of the city. Seeking to please our owner’s cultivated aesthetic tastes, the charm of this traditional Japanese garden offers our guests true hospitality.

Japanese garden

The numerous high-grade elements of this garden encapsulate the refined beauty and traditional culture of Japan, such as the moss covering the grounds, the stone pavings, and the owner’s choice pine tree. The sound of water that envelops the garden, the descending light and the pleasant breeze causes you to think of this place as a mountain-like dwelling in the middle of the city. All these aspects will grant you an extravagant and peaceful experience as you revel in this natural oasis within the urban center.

We invite you to enjoy the story of this garden, whose scenery features kanga (secluded grace), souzu (bamboo water fountain), suiryoku (green foliage), and unsui (endless waterfall) that varies with every vantage point through the window. Why not take this opportunity to immerse yourself in elegance amid comfortable surroundings.

  • A view of suiryoku (green foliage)

    A view of suiryoku (green foliage)

    Presenting a restorative scene embellished by the deep green of pine and bamboo, the garden highlights the display of colored leaves that spread across the windows.

  • A view of the kanga (secluded grace)

    The delicate craftsmanship of the kumiko zaiku lattice, the gorgeous arbor house, and the dainty stone wash basin standing at attention. All these create a graceful and elegant landscape.

    A view of the kanga (secluded grace)
  • A view of the unsui (endless waterfall)

    A view of the unsui (endless waterfall)

    The magnificent scenery draws the eye to the movement of water, appearing as a white thread flowing from a wall fountain, that links both sky and space in the mind’s eye.

  • A view of the souzu (bamboo water fountain)

    A view of the souzu (bamboo water fountain)

    Also known as shishi-odoshi.
    A decorative bamboo irrigation device, the shishi-odoshi imparts a tone of elegance that lends dignity to the scene.

A step into the first century

A step into the first century

The store was established in Hatagaya in 1920, located in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. Under the direction of its third-generation representative, the year 2020 will mark the store’s hundredth year anniversary.
“Always be sincere with our customers” has been YOSHIDA’s motto through several generations of serving a great number of guests.
Our track record, established through many years of trust and assurances, has enhanced our inventory of brands, such as PATEK PHILLIPE, that only produce a limited number of goods.

Men who love watches or people involved in the watch industry that do not know YOSHIDA’s name are difficult to come by.
Although these wristwatches have a strong masculine feel to them, we also provide an extensive inventory of ladies models that have helped win the favor of female customers as well.

Since we are a veteran establishment, we are confident in our knowledge and after-service. We provide long-term relationships with many customers, not only for the limited time they visit our store.
Our staff is competent in their knowledge of our merchandise and can guide you to jewelry or watches that will perfectly suit your needs. We will also provide your follow-up services beyond your purchase.

Feel free to approach us for a consultation at any time.

Although we advertise this as a place that customers can freely visit, there are many who may wish to see the catalog first or to hear some more information about the merchandise before coming in. Those customers can enquire or make requests for our catalog from the YOSHIDA homepage.
We provide an empathetic ear to all our customer’s wishes, even for questions concerning pricing or payment methods, about which the customers may find it difficult to consult us. Please feel free to contact us either by phone or through our homepage.

Our staff truly looks forward to meeting you in our store and handling your inquiries.

Store Map

地図データ ©2016 Google, ZENRIN
地図データ地図データ ©2016 Google, ZENRIN
地図データ ©2016 Google, ZENRIN

  • By train: ten seconds on foot from the north exit of Hatagaya station on the Keio New Line, traveling in the direction of Sasazuka
  • By car: Three minutes after exiting the Hatagaya exit on the Shuto Expressway Route 4 Shinjuku line, traveling from Shinjuku